What is the stock symbol for liberty mutual insurance?

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It should be considered that all stock quotes on this website are delayed by 24 hours. Even so, it's worth noting that full coverage isn't the official name of any type of insurance, so be sure to clarify if collision and all-risk insurance are included if you purchase a Liberty Mutual policy. Yes, Liberty Mutual insurance rates are competitive for certain drivers, including teens and college students. A Liberty Mutual full-coverage policy generally refers to auto insurance that includes the state's minimum requirements, along with collision and comprehensive insurance, that protects the policyholder's vehicle.

Liberty Mutual car insurance rates are based on your driving record and experience, along with factors such as the type of car you drive, your zip code, your insurance history, and more. A Liberty Mutual full-coverage policy is a good option for drivers who don't want to pay out of pocket to repair or replace their car, even if they're at fault for an accident. Liberty Mutual is owned by Liberty Mutual policyholders, since it is an insurance mutual insurance company and its shares are not available to investors in the public market.