What is the minimum auto insurance coverage in washington state?

The insurance appraiser tells you that he received the police report and learned that the other driver doesn't have car insurance. One way to think about car insurance is to pay in advance to cover the costs and expenses associated with a car accident or crash. However, Washington State has a Washington car insurance plan, which provides high-risk drivers with an insurance company to use. Most insurers offer other types of coverage, which will likely increase your premium, so consider carefully what you'll need and talk to your insurance agent or broker.

Make sure you're protected because Washington State's minimum auto insurance policy alone isn't enough. These are two different ways in which this standard rear-end accident could be a big problem for you if you only have the minimum Washington state car insurance policy. Your car insurance will generally cover you if you drive to Canada, but check with your insurance agent before you make the trip. Washington state law requires that all drivers of cars and motorcycles have liability insurance and proof of auto insurance.

You can face several penalties and fines if your policy doesn't meet the auto insurance requirements in Washington.