What is the geico roadside assistance number near seattle wa?

Roadside Assistance Our Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) can help. Log in to your GEICO auto policy or call (800) 424-3426 to get a quote or add it to your policy. Find your state in the table below to see the average annual cost of car insurance with full coverage from Geico. To qualify for the Geico emergency roadside assistance plan, you must purchase collision insurance and comprehensive insurance.

You should also invest in comprehensive and collision coverage to purchase emergency road services from Geico, which will increase the cost of your car insurance policy. Geico towing services will take your car to the nearest repair center within 20 miles of the breakdown if your vehicle won't start. In some scenarios, Geico's comprehensive and collision insurance may also cover a trailer, but it depends on the deductible limits, how the damage occurred and why it's needed. So if you drive someone else's car and it breaks down, your Geico roadside assistance service won't cover the cost of towing.

Geico car insurance policies cover towing if you purchase emergency roadside assistance, collision and comprehensive coverage. Many auto insurance companies offer towing coverage through roadside assistance packages, such as Allstate, Progressive, State Farm, and USAA. Adding GEICO roadside assistance to your insurance plan gives you the ability to plan your trips effectively. You can request emergency road services directly on the Geico mobile app if your car breaks down while you're driving.

Generally, Geico customers must purchase roadside assistance services to obtain an auto insurance policy that covers the trailer. Remember to consider the additional cost of these types of insurance when determining how Geico roadside assistance services may affect your overall car insurance rates. For example, most insurance companies require consumers to purchase collision insurance and comprehensive insurance in order to qualify for roadside assistance packages.