What documents do i need to provide to make changes to my existing policy with geico for my car insurance needs in everett?

In most states, you can obtain a copy of your digital ID cards through GEICO Mobile as valid proof of insurance. MA and NH currently do not accept the digital identification cards available through GEICO Mobile as valid proof of insurance. Then, once the divorce is final, you should get separate car insurance policies. We represent a variety of insurance companies and can find the protection plan that best fits your new needs and budget.

That said, if you choose to stay with your current insurance company, you'll be able to keep your credits and discounts for being a “safe driver” or a “continuing customer,” even if you have to apply for a new policy. If you are the spouse moving in, call us to set up renters or homeowners insurance for your new home. For years, GEICO has strived to make the process of buying and renewing insurance as simple as possible. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, the McClain Insurance team is here to help make your transition from joint insurance coverage to an individual protection plan as simple as possible.

Once you or your partner move in, you should update your current car insurance policy to show each vehicle's new garage address, as well as how far each car is driven to work. Be sure to read your insurance policy contracts and check with your independent insurance agent for personalized information.