What car insurance should i get in michigan?

PIP insurance is the foundation of Michigan's no-fault system. You file injury claims under your own PIP insurance regardless of who caused the accident. Michigan PIP insurance pays for “reasonable and necessary medical expenses” throughout your life. These lifetime benefits make Michigan very unusual compared to other states.

The PIP also pays for lost wages if you can't work because of the accident and replacement services for tasks you can't perform, up to three years after the accident. Bankrate's comprehensive analysis of the auto insurance market revealed that Geico, Secura, Travelers and USAA were among the cheapest auto insurance companies in Michigan when it came to auto insurance with minimal and full coverage. Auto insurance in Michigan has levels of complexity that can cause even the smartest car insurance buyer to break down. For example, it might not be worth doing expensive repairs to an old car with high mileage, and you might want to save up to buy a new car instead of paying for additional insurance.

Understanding your state's minimum car insurance coverage requirements could help you determine if you need to buy higher limits, as suggested by many insurance experts. However, while it may be important to find the cheapest car insurance for your needs, there are other aspects of a company you should consider. Car insurance rates are complex and numerous factors contribute to the high average costs in Michigan, including an estimated high percentage of uninsured drivers. Geico and Progressive are great places to start getting car insurance quotes if you have bad credit.

To protect themselves and their passengers in the event of an accident, Michigan drivers should carefully select their auto insurance policies and take out the appropriate PIP insurance limits. It helps manage the creation of insurance content that meets the highest quality standards in terms of accuracy and clarity to help Bankrate readers search for complex information on home, auto and life insurance. Bankrate's insurance editorial team analyzed data from the largest auto insurance companies by market share in Michigan to facilitate their research. The Michigan insurance department is responsible for monitoring insurance companies and handling complaints against them.

State laws govern how much insurance coverage drivers must have, and no-fault laws affect insurers' risks. Consider asking for quotes from Fremont Mutual and Bristol West if you're looking for cheap car insurance for teens in Michigan.