What are the best car insurance companies in washington?

The best auto insurance companies in Washington. According to our research, Geico, USAA, State Farm, Travelers and Farmers offer some of the best car insurance. GEICO is the leading auto insurance company in Washington. It is the state's most financially stable and affordable insurer.

The MoneyGeek scoring system uses these categories, along with claim rating and customer satisfaction, to determine the best auto insurance in Washington. In addition to a large number of discounts, State Farm also offers optional coverage options, such as car rental, travel expenses, and rideshare coverage. Depending on the driver's situation, they may be able to use self-insurance, certificates of deposit, or liability bonds to meet the insurance requirement. Insurance companies generally charge teen drivers more because their lack of driving experience causes more accidents.

While people in their 60s have cheaper car insurance rates than many other age groups on average, prices will start to increase as they age. A full-coverage policy generally includes collision insurance and comprehensive insurance, in addition to the types of coverage required by Washington law. We collect thousands of zip code rates from all over Washington for the state's largest insurance companies. However, you can only buy this coverage if you have a comprehensive car insurance policy.

For more information, see WalletHub's guides on how much car insurance you need and affordable auto insurance in Washington. Even so, some companies tend to offer better insurance rates for young drivers, so it's best to compare prices to find them. We also looked at the cheapest car insurance with minimum coverage in Washington if you focus on saving. If the damage to your vehicle was caused by something other than a collision, such as a natural disaster, acts of vandalism, falling objects or animals, it will most likely be covered by comprehensive insurance.

While you're working for a rideshare company, such as Lyft or Uber, this one-time additional coverage will ensure that several of the coverages in your policy, such as emergency roadside assistance and reimbursement for medical and car rental expenses, remain in effect. Metromile offers an affordable way to get car insurance in Washington for car owners who don't drive often. In addition, policyholders can have access to TrueCar, a service that connects buyers with certified car dealers to make purchases and compare prices more conveniently.