How much does a dui lawyer cost ohio?

After a conviction for the crime, the cost of the driver's car insurance rates will also be severely affected. In addition to those long-term consequences, the cost of car insurance rates can be especially high during the first 5 years after conviction or guilty plea in court. In addition, many insurance companies have policies that require drivers found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol to present SR22 coverage, which is a certificate of financial responsibility that shows that you have the required insurance coverage. Mandatory jail sentences, loss of employment, high fines, driver's license suspension, loss of vehicle, license reinstatement rates, increased insurance or inability to obtain car insurance, points on the license, probation, court costs, and a permanent conviction for drunk driving are definitive possibilities.

From a cost-effective point of view, many insurance companies consider this particular type of violation to be a very serious violation and places the driver at much greater risk for the insurance company.