Do i need to purchase additional coverage if i'm driving a rental vehicle?

You don't need a personal auto policy to rent a car. If you don't have a personal policy, you'll need to purchase liability coverage through the car rental company. You'll also have the option to add additional coverages, such as collisions and tire damage. In general, yes, your car insurance will cover your rental car the same way it covers your own car.

So you probably don't need rental car insurance. No, in many cases, your personal car insurance coverage will extend to your rental vehicle. It's important to know the details of your policy and buy coverage to cover any gaps that may exist. First of all, if you want to be covered by your credit card's rental car insurance, you must pay the full cost of the rental (plus fees) with that card.

Car rentals booked with points are generally included. Even if you have car insurance that already covers rental vehicles, buying coverage from an outside rental car insurance company can prevent you from paying a deductible or increasing your rates if you need to file a claim. Car rental insurance can be a valuable credit card benefit that allows you to skip buying coverage at the rental counter. By comparison, the insurance that a car rental company will sell you over the counter can easily cost twice as much.

If you need rental car insurance, buying from a third party is usually much cheaper than buying additional coverage directly from the car rental company. If your car insurance includes expensive deductibles, it's a good idea to compare those costs with the cost of rental insurance. Depending on the policy, rental car insurance may cover damage to the vehicle, damage or injuries you cause, your own injuries, theft, and loss of personal items. If you take out rental insurance from a car rental company, you may have to pay an additional driver's fee.

Rental car insurance is rarely worthwhile if your personal vehicle is insured and you pay for the rental car with a credit card. Also, make sure you meet the state's minimum requirements for car insurance to avoid driving without sufficient coverage. However, you may already have rental car insurance through your current insurance coverage or credit card. In other words, you should consider your current insurance policies before deciding if you need rental car insurance.

While rental car insurance may not be classified as a scam, it's likely that you can get the same coverage at a lower price (if you need it). If you don't have a personal car insurance policy, you can purchase rental car insurance from a third-party provider directly or through the car rental company. Liability insurance for rental vehicles does not protect you or your rental car against collision damage, car theft, loss of personal effects, or injuries. If you don't have a personal car insurance policy and your credit card doesn't cover you, you can take out supplementary liability insurance from the car rental company.

For example, if you don't include collision insurance in your personal policy, you won't have any coverage for the damage you cause to the rental vehicle.