Are there any special discounts for safe drivers on car insurance in seattle?

Discounts on auto insurance in Washington; good driver, drivers with a clean record and no history of claims save on insurance. Several special groups may also qualify for discounts, although availability varies by insurance company. For example, students with good grades can get discounts on car insurance. AAA members automatically qualify for a discount of up to 8% on their car insurance.

Car insurance costs may start to increase for drivers in their 70s. To find the cheapest possible coverage, compare prices and compare quotes from several companies. Also, look for insurers that offer discounts for seniors. For example, some insurers offer discounts to older drivers who take a defensive driving course.

In Washington, drivers with just two speeding tickets pay an average of 30% more on their annual car insurance premiums, for example. In addition to the legal consequences of driving without insurance, you could easily be responsible for tens of thousands of dollars or more in damage to your vehicle, the other driver's repair and hospital bills, and your own medical care. Car insurance is a major purchase, but finding cheap car insurance in Washington isn't always easy. In Washington, auto insurance companies may consider factors such as employment, residence and marital status when setting premiums.

Before raising or reducing rates, insurance companies must file documents with the state that demonstrate that the change is based on solid data. In this comprehensive guide, we'll discuss everything you need to know about these discounts, including who's eligible, what they cover, and how you can qualify for them. One of the surest ways to save money is to combine car insurance with home insurance, which can reduce your car insurance premium by up to 20%. Drivers in their 40s tend to have better insurance rates than their younger counterparts on average, but they still pay more than older age groups.

Insurance companies also reward clean driving records, customer loyalty, and good behavior with lower premiums. Be proactive and inform your insurer of any changes in your circumstances that may make you eligible for additional discounts. For more help finding great rates on your car coverage in Washington, try NerdWallet's tool for comparing car insurance. By the time they reach their 30s, most drivers will enjoy cheaper car insurance rates than they did in their teens and 20s.

Auto insurance rates are strictly regulated by the Office of the Washington State Insurance Commissioner. A new teen driver, for example, almost always pays more for car insurance than a driver 55 years old or older. Both the other driver and their insurance company can sue you and garnish your future wages and savings to pay for damages.