Are there any restrictions on who can be covered under my policy with geico car insurance in kent?

What can you do if your GEICO insurance claim was denied? It's extremely important to talk to an experienced Seattle accident lawyer to learn more about how to appeal the denial of your claim. And if you can't successfully appeal the claim, or if you have a case that can best be resolved through a claim against the responsible party (rather than through an insurance company), you may be able to file a lawsuit. If you recently filed an auto insurance claim with GEICO and received a denial letter, you should start your appeal as soon as possible. You should know that GEICO must act in good faith when processing the car insurance claim you filed.

Without a doubt, the aftermath of a car accident in Seattle can be especially difficult if you can't get compensation through an insurance claim. However, keep in mind that your denied GEICO insurance claim may simply be because you didn't provide the correct information when filing your claim. In other words, if you filed your claim and GEICO denied you benefits, you can argue that GEICO violated Washington state law if it didn't investigate your claim in a timely manner, for example, or if it misrepresented certain provisions of the policy that led you to believe that you had coverage that in fact you didn't have available coverage. If GEICO doesn't properly consider the claim you filed and denies it for a reason that suggests the possibility of bad faith, you should contact a Seattle insurance claim denial lawyer as soon as possible.

However, GEICO insurance claims are denied more often than you might think, leaving injury victims to wonder if they'll be able to afford hospital bills, vehicle replacement, and other high medical expenses.