Are there any restrictions on how much you can pay for a policy from progressive car insurance bellevue?

How much does car insurance cost in Washington? The rates below show the major cities in Washington by population. You'll notice that some zip codes pay more, while others have lower rates than the state average. No, rental vehicle reimbursement coverage only applies if the vehicle needs repairs or a replacement after a covered event, such as after a car accident or after a tree falls on your car. If the damages are severe enough to justify the need to rent a car, you're likely to file a car insurance claim under your car collision insurance coverage or also under comprehensive car insurance coverage, which includes a deductible.

For other types of auto insurance coverage, such as comprehensive auto insurance coverage and collision auto insurance coverage, the insurance limit is usually the cash value of the car, which normally takes into account the depreciation of the vehicle. Some insurers have relationships with car rental companies that facilitate the reimbursement process, while others may require you to submit receipts separately for reimbursement. Once fault has been determined, the at-fault driver's insurance company must reimburse you or your insurance company. Every state requires auto insurance companies to declare how they calculate rates to customers, and insurers cannot deviate from these presented rates.

A mechanical breakdown isn't considered a covered claim, so you'll have to pay for the car rental out of your pocket if you don't have insurance against mechanical breakdowns. In addition, if your policy includes car rental reimbursement and your car is damaged in a covered accident, Progressive will pay the rent (up to a specified limit and term) while your own car is repaired. However, the vehicle must be regularly parked at your residence overnight for Progressive to insure it in your policy. This coverage generally excludes fuel costs, security deposits, and any additional rental car insurance that you may purchase from the rental company.

Your insurer will only cover the cost of a rental car up to the limits of your policy, so consider staying away from renting exotic or luxury cars. With authorization, other insurers may allow you to bill the rental car directly to them, but it's less common.