Are there any additional fees associated with getting collision coverage from geico for car insurance in tacoma?

I'm looking for an agent to get my insurance, but he told me that people who have minimal coverage also pay more because they are considered less responsible. Because I had a slightly higher insurance policy with my parents, it was cheaper for me to maintain the same level of insurance than to opt for a lower one. I also discovered that being in IT means that I get a discount. They have asked to file a dispute about it to include my car in the insurance, but to no avail they can no longer reinstate it.

Everyone, from my insurance to my intellectual property lawyer to the insurance defense lawyer, no one has argued or presented evidence to present a case and reach a settlement. I took the car to the workshop I wanted and at first they had a lower budget and, when they started working on the car, they discovered that it would be expensive, so the workshop wrote another budget, but my insurance refused to accept their budget and the body shop refused to negotiate with the insurance. My GEICO insurer denies the claim to the other party on the grounds that I didn't provide sufficient information about the accident (lack of cooperation on my part). I was a passenger in a car and a truck passed a traffic light and wrecked the car and my neck and back hurt, so I went to the hospital and they did a CT scan.

My insurance has told the mechanic that my car is a total loss, the times I call the appraiser they tell me that they are still reviewing the supplement, other people I've spoken to at the insurance company say that they don't see any supplement to my claim and that they don't know anything about my claim. They wanted to meet Johny on the spot if I'm going to accept one of the two offers, more if I want them to keep my car and less if I want to keep my car and be the proud owner of a salvage title. I tried to avoid it, but my left tire hit the rock and, when it got under my car, it broke my driveshaft and punched a hole in my transmission. The insurance company refuses to pay because there was no structural damage to the car itself.

My car was wrecked, the hospital bills, physical therapy for me, and today they sent me a letter saying that my license is suspended and I will have to pay the insurance company of the person at fault 32,000 dollars. Only by putting your insured person at risk can you motivate the insurance company to do the right thing. When an auto insurance company refuses to pay, it will begin to delay your claim in the hope that you will give up. My insurance says that because I wasn't driving, my car is no longer covered, so I basically don't have any insurance for the car.

In that tenth month, my insurance calls me and tells me that my ex is upset because he has a second-hand brand, as this reduces the value of the car.